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Therapy Ball — Same Day Shipping

Therapy Ball — Same Day Shipping


The Therapy Ball is the perfect tool for massaging tight muscles. Chosen by health professionals to help relieve pain.

You can lay on it, or sit on it, or lean up against it. Research has proven that self massaging improves joint range of motion and muscle pain.

Therapy Balls are great for people with tight glutes or hamstrings, stiff back muscles, sore feet, or tension in their shoulders.

  • Sportspeople love these. People who work in an office think they’re a godsend.
  • Students who carry heavy backpacks need them.
  • Pregnant women especially benefit, as they can find conventional stretching a little tricky as things progress.
  • Dogs and cats go crazy for these things.

Made of silicone, lightweight, 7cm in diameter, comes in red, blue and yellow colours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Vivi Ochoa - Bronze Medallist Olympia Amateur South America 2019
Self Massage Devices

Having these products with me when I compete internationally is like taking my massage therapist with me. Would not travel without them!

Helped my Sciatica!

I had a long term issue with sciatica and this ball really helped me release the muscles around the nerve.

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