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Posture Brace — Same Day Shipping

Posture Brace — Same Day Shipping

The Sanarte Posture Brace is the best on the market, selected by our team of health practitioners who specialise in back pain and posture correction.

  • The Posture Brace helps you maintain an upright posture during bouts of prolonged sitting.
  • Selected by our team of health practitioners after extensive product testing, the brace can be easily adjusted so you can set the position that is perfect for you while you study or work.
  • After sitting for long periods, your muscles start to fatigue, causing you to slump. Poor posture can cause muscle tension, back pain, headaches and nerve impingement syndromes.
  • Fight fatigue and improve your posture today with the Sanarte Posture Brace!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great for office workers

These braces were being sold at the clinic I work reception in, so I tried one out one day. Over the course of an 8 hour shift I found it kept me in a good position all day, and I noticed I had no neck pain when I went home. Now I wear it regularly for long shifts.

Posture Brace

When I'm doing admin for my business it's usually after a long day so my posture really suffers. This brace helps enormously in keeping me sit in a good position.

Peter Green Osteopath
Outstanding Quality!

I have been a health professional for over 25 years and these are some of the best quality products I have ever seen.

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