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Pivot Peanut — Same Day Shipping

Pivot Peanut — Same Day Shipping

The Pivot Peanut is designed to relieve tension in the upper back and shoulders. Our team of health practitioners tested hundreds of products to bring you the very best on the market.
This peanut is the perfect size and shape to get into area between your shoulder blades, which is where neck and shoulder tension comes from. Strong enough to release even the tightest muscles!

Prolonged sitting causes fatigue, which leads to slumping. You can use the Pivot Peanut to combat the tension that develops in the upper back after sitting too long.
Perfect for office workers, students and new mums who are always lifting and feeding children.

Ultra lightweight but super firm, each ball is 10cm in diameter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jess Goodwin - Sydney Sports Therapy
Very professional!

Fantastic products and service, very happy with the support Sanarte provided!

Chris L
Great product!

This peanut is perfectly shaped and just the right hardness to release the muscles in between the shoulder blades. Love it!

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