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Base Brace — Same Day Shipping

Base Brace — Same Day Shipping

Relieve lower back pain with the Sanarte Base Brace. Easy to adjust, comfortable, and strong! The Base Brace decreases pressure in the lower back, instantly reducing pain and making lifting easier. Our team of practitioners tested hundreds of products to select the best quality for you!

  • The Base Brace adjusts easily to provide you with the perfect amount of support in the lower back.
  • Ideal support for people CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING BACK PAIN
  • Great for REDUCING YOUR RISK OF INJURY while performing everyday tasks, especially lifting.
  • Tested by our team of practitioners, the Base Brace significantly reduces strain in the lower back and is fantastic for new mums or anyone whose job involves lifting.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Daniel Gaitz
Excellent back brace

As an Osteopath I give them to my patients with acute back pain and get great feedback

Life Saver

After giving birth to my third daughter my core was so weak and my back was hurting all the time. The Base Brace really helped support me when I had to lift my baby girl.

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